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College of Occupational Therapists Conference 2011

College of Occupational Therapists Conference 2011

On the academic front I believe I neglected to mention that I have had two abstracts accepted (with my supervisor Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill as co-author) to the College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference 2011 to be held in Brighton in June.

I had my first experience of the conference last year and loved it – some of my Twitter followers will have seen me tweeting about it using the hashtag #cot2010. #cot2011 is already in use so if you are an OT or interested in OT please join in the discussions.

Last year I spoke on the use of e-portfolios to support Continuing Professional Development in a Seminar entitled – Continuing Professional Development to e or not to e. I discussed with participants experiences I hadusing one particular tool with my students. Currently we are investigating switching to the Mahara Open Source portfolio tool and I have just been asked to attend an e-portfolio conference in Birmingham in March (not to present at this one though).

This year I submitted two abstracts based on my early PhD work. I will be delivering an oral paper called: Writing an occupational journey: engagement in creative writing as worthy of investigation in a session on ‘creative occupations’. The other will be a facilitated poster discussion called: Creativity in qualitative methodology: planning an occupational science project.
Also along with Caroline and my other supervisor Dr Paul Stevens I hope to submit an abstract to the September 2011 Plymouth Occupational Science conference around my intended use of autoethnography. I’m also planning to put in an application for a UKOTRF (United Kingdom Occupational Therapy Research Foundation) Career Development Loan to support my PhD research. So I have a busy month ahead.

Unconscious themes

Unconscious themes

I’m not sure if I mentioned the furore there was when my poem The Gradual Loss of Me was published on Every Day Poets. It was all about the theme of suicide, with a number of people, both who I know and who I don’t seemingly worried about my intentions in wiriting the poem (it was for an assignment actually!)

Well, I tried to reassure them all that I was OK and that this was not a true expression of how I was feeling.

But having just taken stock and submitted a group of poems I have found 4, yes 4 which share this theme.

Now I am a bit concerned about the potential for concern so just in case I get any acceptances I would just like to explain my influences:

The Gradual Loss of Me  – written for the OUs A363 was about the sense of a loss of self and use of the form of a villanelle spiralled thoughts of loss down to its watery end. You can find a link to this on my Writing page.

Son of Suicide – written for the OUs A215 was a response poem based on another poem we were given which had the prompt reference to suicide. You can find a link to this on my Writing page.

My Brother – this unpublished poem written for the OUs A215 is my attempt to understand what might drive a suicide bomber – this is me using poetry as ‘making sense of the world’.

Crumbled – written recently as part of Slingink Scribbling Slam 2010 was inspired by the images from 9/11 of people jumping out of the two towers. Images that are very hard to get out of your head.

And also there is my work in which I have studied mental health disorders including suicide.This is a serious topic which is still fairly hush hush and maybe I’m just trying to make it visible.

Now, what I’m hoping is that some of my submissions on lighter subjects are accepted so that I can prove there are other thoughts in my head – think I’ll keep that Tellietubby poem I wrote a few years ago to myself though ;o)

So what themes do you all find reoccuring in your writing?

Winter Weather

Winter Weather

Loving this winter weather.

I have been writing messages in the snow:

Generally looking at the pretty stuff and I even went for a walk to the local shops (and I never do that).

Now of course there are some negatives such as driving in this weather (which I really don’t like to do) and it’s a bit cold!! But then there’s PJ days and snowball fights and the light that snow reflects when the sun shines on it.

Then there’s making Snow Monkeys and Snow Angels:

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my readers.

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