Got to Respect ‘Got to Dance’

I love Got to Dance and here is why.

The judges
Ashley, Kimberley, Aston and, when he was on it, Adam are all so enthusiastic about dance in its many forms.
And they are NICE. Take note judges on other competitions. Nice is ok. In fact nice is pretty bloody fantastic. Even when giving criticism they are constructive. At the moment Got to Dance is the only show where the judge’s comments are as important for me to watch as the acts. Many other shows I fast forward because they get too mean, to each other, let alone the contestants.
The chemistry between the judges is great, they respect each other as artists and even when they have spats it never seems to go too far and there is always a kiss and make up.

They have fun
Jumping over stacked armchairs in the backstage area!

The dancing
One mini regret I do have is giving up dancing, ok so I was never going to be a prima ballerina but it’s fun to move to music, or without. I love watching dancing, especially street dancing.
This show will probably be responsible for most of the pins I add to my Dances I Love Pinterest board.

I did ‘non graded’ ballet and tap when I was younger – here are some of my outfits/shoes. I ‘remember’ playing princesses (or Neverending Story Childhood Empresses) with the blue hair accessory.

I mentioned it above but it needs saying again. The judges are so passionate about dance and they respect each and every contestant for giving it a go. Never have I seen them say give up dancing, yes they’ve said it’s not right for this competition and the money but they still encourage people to participate and that (as an Occupational Therapist) is so important. Do we have to be the best to take part and enjoy. NO.
I love how Ashley bounces up and down and hand gestures when he sees something really sick – and stands up when it is amazing. I joined in clapping with them when the member of Groundhogs jumped up to the height of Ashley’s head – that dude is tall.

Ps. I may be slightly in lust with Ashley, wanted to apply to Secret Dance Crew and am going to see Diversity on tour later this year (I saw them on the BGT the year they won and they were stunning).

Love this dance of Kimberley’s too.

Even the fact that the Got to Dance twitter account has twice ignored my very intelligent question about the influence of music on a gold star decision and whether anyone has got 3 gold stars without using music to dance to can’t dissuade me from my love and respect for this show.

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